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Cashbac Guarantee Your Card Data Security

Where does Cashbac store card data?

When using Cashbac app, user must agree to this terms and agreements :

Cashbac does not store your card data. Your card data is securely stored in CyberSource servers which are operated by Visa Inc. We implement 3D Secure process in card linking process.

Your bank will send you a verification code by SMS to your registered mobile number. Please make sure your mobile number is correct and able to receive SMS

Is it safe to give out my CVV?

Yes. Cashbac use CyberSource, which is a subsidiary of Visa Inc. to process your card data. We have implemented end-to-end encryption protocol to ensure the protection of your data.

Does my card data really safe?

Yes. Cashbac take security very seriously. Paying with your card via Cashbac App is more secure than giving your card for payment to waiter or cashier. As additional security measures, we require cashbac specific Transaction PIN for every payment activity.

What credit card can I link to my Cashbac account?

You can link your credit card with Visa or MasterCard logo issued by Indonesian or Singaporean banks.

What debit card can I link to my Cashbac account?

You can link your debit card with your Visa or MasterCard logo issued by the following banks: BTPN Jenius, Digibank by DBS & OCBC NISP

Why my debit card keep being declined?

If your debit card has Visa or MasterCard logo on it and you still cannot pay, contact your bank to activate online transaction for your debit card. If the problem persist, you can Chat or Call our customer service.