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What Makes Cashbac Business Different?

Real-time Transaction

Real-time Transaction

All transaction data is automatically collected to the system and made available for your easy tracking in real time, anytime and anywhere.

Reach All Your Customers

From potential customers to lapsed ones - reach them, build relationships with them, and make them loyal enough to repeat transactions.

Secure, Direct Payment

Leave your worries of frauds behind with immediate, direct settlement of all transactions to your credit or debit card.

Key Customer Insights

Speak directly to your customers in their language and create campaign strategies most suitable for them with Cashbac's insights of their behaviors and transaction

How to Register Cashbac Business

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Frequently Asked Questions

Affiliate Fee is a percentage of the Transaction value provided by the Merchant, not including Value Added Tax (VAT), to the Company for each successful Transaction whose value is determined by the Merchant through the Cashbac Portal. Affiliate Fee is calculated based on the overall total (gross) of successful transactions.

Company ACT, Company NPWP, Personal ID Owner/Director.

Cashbac has 5 Merchant Business categories, including: Food & Beverage, Health & Beauty, Lifestyle (Services, Entertainment, Laundry, Course), Shop, Groceries.