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Cashbac uses Bluetooth to notify the nearest merchants/outlets that partnered with us around you. Bluetooth is also used for our main transaction method, which is Tap Beacon.

For Android, it's recommended the device has version 5.1 (Lolipop) and above. For iOS, it's recommended the device has version 11.0.0 and above.

New User is a user that uses Cashbac for the first time. Meanwhile, New Customer is a user that makes his/her first transaction using Cashbac at a certain merchant/outlet.

We don't recommend that because the account will be detected as 'Duplicate Account' and it violates the terms & conditions.

It's because you possibly registered an account on the same device more than 1 time.

Sorry, you won't be able to know which email is declared as a duplicate account because it's the system that reads your device. If you registered for a new account using the same device, it will read as a duplicate account. So, 1 device is for 1 account only.

You can't change the email address. Email address is one way to keep your account safe. If the email is changed, it means you make a new account and the information in the current email cannot be transferred to the new email.

Yes, you can. Go to Account, click "Change" in the Mobile Number field and input your new mobile number and verification the OTP.

If you want to stop getting rewards points in Cashbac app, you can delete the card, log out, and uninstall the app. But if you wish to delete your Cashbac account permanently, please contact our Customer Support for further guidance.

You can reset your PIN from your Cashbac app. Here are the steps:
1. Go to Account > Settings
2. Choose Secure PIN
3. Change Secure PIN > Forgot PIN

You need to answer the security question that you previously made when made the PIN. If you answer correctly, we will send a confirmation code email and you will need to input it to Cashbac app. After that, we will ask you to create a new PIN.

You can reach our Customer Support to recover your account. We will need you to provide us some information so we can verify and confirm you are the valid owner of the account.

You can get a referral code from a friend or other Cashbac user.

Unfortunately, the referral code step only appears once and won't appear again if you choose to skip it.

According to Terms & Condition Cashbac, "Duplicate Account" will be indicated as a fraud, either intentional or unintentional. So, you won't get the Referral Rewards and 1 device can only register 1 account.

Almost every credit card supported by Visa, Mastercard, and JCB issued by Indonesian or Singaporean bank with 3D Secure. For debit cards, we currently support Jenius by BTPN, Digibank, Commonwealth, Permata, OCBC NISP and Direct Debit BRI

You must contact your bank to know whether your card 3D Secure supported or the steps on how to activate 3D Secure.

The charged fee is a confirmation fee and will be returned by the bank. For credit cards, the fee may return to your account in 14 working days and for debit cards, the fee may return to your account in 60 working days.

For credit cards, the fee may return to your account in 14 working days and for debit cards, the fee may return to your account in 60 working days.

You can contact our Customer Support. We will help you to investigate why this is happening, but of course, we need your help by providing us some information and documents that proved your fee is hasn't been returned yet.

It depends on which method is available at the merchant/outlet. You can ask the cashier to know which method is available for Cashbac. If there are 2 options, for example, Tap Beacon or Scan Barcode, you can choose the one you prefer the most.

All method is the same and won't affect the total of Rewards Points you will earn after transaction success.

Scan Barcode is you as Cashbac user will scan the barcode from the cashier on your Cashbac app. Meanwhile, Show Barcode is you as Cashbac user will generate barcode, show the barcode, and let the cashier scan your barcode.

Yes, every transaction you made with Cashbac will earn you Rewards Points. As we promised to give you the best shopping experience with instant rewards points.

No, the Rewards Points you get won't be bigger than the transaction nominal.

This can happen because of human error when the transaction is in process. The cashier may double input for the bill or you double-tap/scan the bill. You can check your latest transaction on Transaction History and make sure your transaction is not double.

The refund process may take time about 65 working days for debit cards and about 20 working days for credit cards, but this is can potentially faster according to the Bank issuer policy.

You can contact our Customer Support via email and attached the receipt from the merchant/outlet, the bill, or your debit/credit statement that proves that you're charged but the transaction is failed or charged 2 times.

No. If you bought the deals that need to be redeemed at the outlet location, you need the cashier's help to slide to redeem your voucher deals. Then, the cashier needs to notes information after deals redeemed for reconciliation purposes.

The voucher deals will be counted as invalid or already used if you slide the voucher deals on your own.

Deals that have been bought cannot be canceled and refunded.

If this happens, please contact our Customer Support and we will help you with the next step and the solution.

Each promo has its own terms & conditions. You can read thoroughly and decide which promo will benefit you the most.

Click the blue 'Card' icon in the lower middle then choose the transaction method you want to use.

In Scan Barcode & Tap Beacon method
On Transaction Summary page, locate and enter the voucher in "Input Voucher Here field, hit Apply to use the code.

Input voucher in Show Barcode method
On the Receipt page, choose "Input Voucher Code", then enter the voucher code you want to use, and select "Apply". You have 10 minutes time limit to input and validate your voucher code.

Note: if there is a promo is used in your transaction, the voucher code you input will replace the promo, including the total of rewards points you will earn.

No, you can't. If the voucher code is valid when you input it on the Transaction Summary page, you'll get the promo from the voucher. If the voucher code is invalid, you can use the promo from the merchant or promo from the bank under its terms & conditions.

For now, the promo you can if you use GoPay is the Unlimited Points / Bonus Rewards Points.

Promo will start at 00.01 WIB and will end at 23.59 WIB.

The calculation of the time span of one week for the Cashbac promo is from Sunday to Saturday.

A feature on Cashbac app to purchase the items with credit card installment. The bank needs up to 7 working days to process your installment request.

This is the recommended way to read it.
> Item Price is the price of the item you choose.
> Admin Fee is the additional fee from your bank for the installment.
> Rewards Points are the points you wish to use in the transaction.
> Total is the total price that will be charged on your credit card and will appear on the bank statement.

For Installment transactions, the total Rewards Points you will get is calculated from Item Price only (exclude the admin fee and delivery fee).

To make your transaction with Debit BCA more secure. We will ask for 3DS after your transaction amount has reached Rp. 500.000.

No, this won't charge you anything.

This step won't block you from making a purchase. After completed the 3DS verification step, you can continue the purchase as usual.

Unfortunately, no, but you can choose a different card to continue your transaction.

After 24 hours, you use Debit BCA for transactions as usual (without 3DS verification), as long as the transaction amount is equal or below Rp. 500.000.